Mother Gamer (Digital)

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Mother Gamer (Digital)


Opening Date : 22 Oct 2020
Director : Yanyong Kuruangkura
Cast : Piyada Akraserani, Lapas Ngam-chaweng, Tonhon Tantivejakul, Weeraya Jang, Thanabat Ngam-kamolchai, Supawat Chuanrungroj, Natchanon Maneenoi, Nithipan Duriyaseehakul, Kitti Chiewwongsakul
Ratings : PG13 (SOME COARSE LANGUAGE 些许粗俗语言)
Duration : 118 mins
Language : Thai with English & Chinese Subtitles
Genre : Action, Sports, Comedy

The Story

Movie free listed from 29 October 2020. In a highly competitive society, BENJAMAS, a high-school teacher and single mother, works hard to ensure the success for her son OHM. Benjamas wants Ohm to win a scholarship, but her plan is spoiled when she discovers that Ohm is a star player in a famous Esports team called Higher. Ohm is about to enter a national Esports tournament, and victory would make him qualify for a world championship match. The problem is, the tournament will take place on the same day as the scholarship exam.

Failing to stop her son, Benjamas has to devise an unlikely plan: The teacher asks KOBSAK, a slacker and ex-pro player of Higher, to form a new Esports team called OHMGAGA. Benjamas wants her new team to enter the competition and defeat her son. In exchange, she has to help Kobsak pass the final exam.

Kobsak recruits top players for the new team: MAPRANG, a sassy pro player; GUIDE, a top strategist; BANK, who’s ready to bankroll the team; and MAX, a foul-mouthed kid who runs a game shop.

Benjamas believes that she would only be the team’s manager. But when the day arrives, it turns out that she has to be one of the players, fighting alongside Kobsak as his team goes up against the formidable foe: Ohm, her own son. It’s top gamer vs his mother in the virtual arena of RoV.
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