Terms & Conditions

1. Payment 

For your convenience, WE Cinemas facilitate your use of certain third party services that enable the use of accepted credit cards to make payment for movie tickets booked on-line or for your use of other Website Services ("Payment Services"), from or through this Website and Mobile Devices. Such Payment Services are provided by third parties and are the sole responsibility of such third parties. Please consult these third parties on any matter arising in connection with the Payment Services. 

Tickets sold by WE Cinemas at the prices displayed for the relevant performance and the amount payable for them will be debited immediately from your credit or debit card. By requesting tickets through the Website you are placing a booking request on these Terms which is only accepted and binding on us once your payment through your card has been debited, the Website will send you a confirmation booking reference which will be emailed to you. 

WE Cinemas treat all transactions and customers' particulars with the strictest confidence.
However, the Internet is not entirely secure and whilst we will take reasonable steps to safeguard the security of any card information you impart, we shall not be liable for any damage you may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of any such information.

(1) We accept Visa and Mastercard only;

(2) Any failure or non-availability of the Payment Services shall not absolve you from liability to make payments due to us; 

(3) All prices are nett include GST; 

(4) There will be a surcharge of SGD$1.50 per transaction for online booking; 

(5) Complimentary passes cannot be used for online booking; 

(6) No senior citizen concessionary rate for online booking; 

(7) All online seats are subject to availability. The management reserves the right to reject any order; 

(8) All movie show dates and show times are correct as per published but the management reserves the right to change the film schedules and ticket prices by posting the changes on line without prior notice.

2. Exchange & Refund

We will strictly not entertain any cancellations and / or exchange by the customer once the order is confirmed by, and paid for by the customer.
All tickets, Food & Beverages, Movie Gift Cards and Vouchers sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

3. Rating 

In accordance with the Singapore law, WE Cinemas are required to refuse admission to anyone who is below the minimum age required by the relevant classification. No refunds or exchanges will be entertained for patrons who have purchased tickets to rated movies for which they are not permitted admission into.

Rating_G_2014122995414png - Suitable for all ages. Everyone is admitted. 

Rating_PG_2014122995553png - Suitable for most but parents should guide their young. No age-restriction for admission. 

Rating_PG13_201412299567png - The PG13 rating is given to films with content deemed unsuitable for young children but for which a NC16 rating is not warranted. Suitable for persons aged 13 and above but parental guidance is advised for children below 13.

Rating_NC16_2014122995621png  - Nobody under age 16 is admitted. 

Rating_M18_2014122995635png  - Nobody under age 18 is admitted. 

Rating_R21_2014122995650png  - Nobody under age 21 is admitted. 

For more information on the new rating system implemented by the Media Development Authority, please visit here.

4. Refusal of Admission 

WE Cinemas reserves the right to refuse admission or require you to leave the premises without a refund if :

(1) The tickets are not purchased from the authorized points of sale;

(2) You consume food and beverages that were not purchased from WE Cinemas. Only food and beverages purchased at the cinema may be consumed within the cinema;

(3) You put the safety of our customers, our employees or our property at risk;

(4) You smoke within the cinema. Smoking is prohibited in the cinema;

(6) You do not agree to submit to any search for any prohibited items including but not limited to weapons, controlled, dangerous and illegal substances and recording devices.

(7) You do not meet the minimum age requirement of the relevant classification of the movie. No refunds or exchanges will be entertained for patrons who have purchased tickets to rated movies for which they are not permitted admission into.

5. General

(1) Mobile phones must be switched off or switched to silent mode in the cinema;

(2) Patrons must adhere to safety procedures or instructions that are in place and notified to you by our staff or by notices;

(3) It is a serious criminal offence to attempt to copy any film or other copyright material exhibited in any part of the cinema. You are not permitted to bring cameras and/or recording equipment of any kind into the cinema;

(4) WE Cinemas endeavour to show films in accordance with the program that we advertise. However, there may be circumstances in which we are unable to comply with the advertised program and in such cases our liability to you is limited to a full refund of the tickets purchased. We are unable to take responsibility for program information advertised by third parties;

(5) WE Cinemas will not be responsible for any personal property that is brought to our premises;

(6) Patrons are required to follow all house rules and regulations set out by WE Cinemas. The House Rules are displayed within our premises. You agree that we reserve the right to refuse entry to you or to remove you from WE Cinema's premises if you do not comply with the House Rules and / or at its discretion without giving any reason whatsoever. In such event, WE Cinemas reserves the right to refund the price of tickets at its own discretion without giving any reason whatsoever.

(7) WE Cinemas will not be held liable for unsuccessful attempts to contact contest winners for promotions it holds.

(8) By purchasing WE Cinemas' tickets, you had agreed on the following terms and conditions:
a. You agree to abide by the House Rules and  regulations set by WE Cinemas when you patronize WE Cinemas, and you agree that WE Cinemas reserve the right to refuse entry to you or to remove you from WE Cinemas' premises if you do not comply with these House Rules and/or at its discretion without giving any reason whatsoever. In such event, WE Cinemas reserve the right to refund the price of tickets at its own discretion without giving any reason whatsoever.
b. You agree that WE Cinemas reserve the right to change or cancel the show times of any movie at any time without prior notice to you and that WE Cinemas shall not be liable to you or any third party for such cancellation or change. In such event, WE Cinemas shall refund to you an amount not exceeding the ticket price.
c. You agree that WE Cinemas shall not be liable to you for any direct, indirect and/or consequential losses, damages, injuries suffered by you within WE Cinemas' premises, arising from any acts or omissions of WE Cinemas, its staff and/or its other customers/patrons whether those acts or omissions were negligent or otherwise. You agree to release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue WE Cinemas, its employees, agents, contractors or partners (hereinafter referred to as “Released Parties”) for any loss or damage, and not to make any claim or demands therefore on account of any injury or death to to yourself arising out of or resulting from or related to your patronage at WE Cinemas whether caused by the negligence of the Release Parties or otherwise.
d. You agree to indemnify and save and hold harmless the Released parties and each of them from and against all proceedings, suits, actions, claims and demands, as well as any loss, liability, damage, cost or expenses which may be taken or made against them or which they may incur in respect to injury (including fatal injury), loss due to your patronage to WE Cinemas, destruction, or damage of property suffered by them, or by yourself, arising out of or related to your patronage at WE Cinemas, whether caused by the negligence of the Released Parties or otherwise. You agree to assume full responsibility for any risk or bodily injury, death, or property damage to myself arising out of or related to your patronage at WE Cinemas, whether caused by the negligence of the Released Parties or otherwise. 
e. You agree that you are aware of and give consent to WE Cinemas for photography, filming, videotaping and/or audio recording or other means of capturing my  images or voice, through means that is not limited to CCTV, during your patronage at WE Cinemas and/or being quoted in the media or printed materials (including social media websites).
f. You agree that you have read and fully understood the Terms and Conditions and that your purchase of WE Cinemas' tickets shall be deemed as an irrevocable and unconditional agreement to the terms and conditions and as a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the full extent allowed by the law of Singapore.

6. Website and Mobile Application

The Website Terms set out the legally binding terms which apply to everyone who accesses through Website, including mobile devices and mobile applications. By accessing through the Website you agree to be bound by these Website Terms. If you do not wish to be bound by these Website Terms you must leave the Website immediately, or not enter it at all. 

The Website is provided free of charge and WE Cinemas make no guarantee that it will be uninterrupted or error free. In addition, we reserve the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, all or any part of the Website without notice and without liability. 

The materials on the Websites are protected by copyright, trade mark and other intellectual property rights and laws. The materials on the Website are owned by or licensed to us and may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way without our consent. 

The Website contains links to other website which are not controlled by us. Such links are only provided for your convenience and you access them at your own risk. 

Other website and mobile applications may contain links to our Website, and / or reproduce content from our Website. Such links and content may not be updated nor accurate, and you access them at your own risk. WE Cinemas is unable to take responsibility for information and services provided by such third parties

7. WE Club

Click here for the full Terms & Conditions.

8. Privacy Policy 

Eng Wah Global Pte Ltd (“EW”) owns and manages a portfolio of brands that include WE Cinemas. This Privacy Policy is for Singapore and applies to personal data collected, stored, disclosed and/or processed by EW in Singapore.

This Privacy Policy applies to websites owned and operated by EW or other websites on which this Privacy Policy, or a link to this Privacy Policy, appears as well as activities at the EW Properties to the extent EW notifies you of such activities being subject to this Privacy Policy.  This Policy is based on the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”) and all the associated regulations and guidelines as may from time to time be issued by the Personal Data Protection Commission (“PDPC”) of Singapore. 

In jurisdictions outside of Singapore, EW’s practices may be subject to different or more restrictive local laws.  By visiting or using the EW websites, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Please review this Privacy Policy carefully before visiting or using our website, or otherwise providing us with any of your personal data. 

Unless you opt-out and instruct us otherwise, EW does and will continue to share the personal data that it collects from you with other of EW’s subsidiaries, including those who own and operate the Non-Singapore EW Properties, as permitted under applicable law and the PDPA. Personal data that we collect or store in jurisdictions outside of Singapore may, subject to applicable law and the PDPA, be transferred to and used by EW or other jurisdictions.  Similarly, personal data that EW collects or stores may, subject to applicable law and the PDPA, be transferred to and used by us outside of Singapore.  When personal data is collected by EW or transferred by EW, it will be treated according to the privacy practices set forth in this Privacy Policy.

(1) Purposes for Which Information is Used or May be Used. EW either currently uses or may in the future use your information for any purpose not prohibited by applicable law.  This includes the following purposes:

To notify you of special events, promotions and offers;
To provide you with personalized content on our website;
To improve the content and the navigability of our website;
To verify your identity;
To process and respond to inquiries;
To facilitate and enhance your visit or provide goods and services;
To process purchase or credit transactions;
For the purposes for which you provided the information (e.g.pay for a service, etc.);
For the purpose of awarding points in a loyalty or rewards program;
For the purpose of compiling data and conducting statistical or demographic analysis;
To protect and defend the rights or property of EW or any of its affiliates;
To comply with a court order or other legal process or other legal requirements of any governmental authorities; and
In the sole discretion of EW, in exceptional circumstances, such as a national emergency, security concern, or other situation in which EW deems such disclosure is prudent. 

(2) Access to and Correction of Your Information. You may request to access or correct (including update) your information by emailing us at wecinemas@engwah.com.sg, and with an administrative fee of $100 + prevailing GST. Please note that subject to the PDPA, not all information that we have collected may be available for review.

9. Change in Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to update these Terms and Conditions from time to time.  Your use of the website or mobile application after these Terms and Conditions have been updated, will be deemed acceptance of the updated Policy.

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